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Ferrari 125 F1

The car was designed by the Italian designer Gioacchino Colombo, who previously worked at Alfa Romeo. Ferrari 125 F1 was a 12-cylinder V-type engine of 1496 cc. See who was formerly used in sport Ferrari 125S. Originally it was equipped with a single-stage compressor and gave the order of 225 hp But on the eve of the season in 1949 have improved the engine by installing a two-stage compressor, power increased to 280 hp The car has all wheel independent suspension: front - double arms with a transverse leaf spring, rear - double arms with torsion bar.

In 1950 it was decided to hold a world championship in Formula 1 class. For the debut of the first Ferrari Championship finalized the 125 F1. Significant changes were suspension and engine. In particular, the rear suspension the machine was like "De Dion". With this option 125 Scuderia F1 debut in the championship at the Monaco Grand Prix, where Alberto Ascari finished second, behind Juan Manuel Fangio of Alfa Romeo.

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