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Ferrari 250 GT Boano

Pininfarina unveiled a new prototype of the 250 in Paris in 1956, called the 250 GT Boano. The great demand for this machine led to its mass production.

Unable to meet demand, Pininfarina turned to designer Mario Boano, formerly of the firm Ghia. When Boano began working in the company of Fiat, he handed over the production of his illegitimate son, Enzo Allen. With partner Luciano Polo Ferrari Carrozzeria Ellena produced a few more years.

Carrozzeria Boano released a 74 GT with a long wheelbase.

Almost all of them except for one instance, was a coupé. One car was released with the body convertible collector Bob Lee in New York in 1956 for $ 9,500, which was far below its real value. Bob Lee still owns this car, making it one of the oldest Ferrari, owned by the original purchaser.

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