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Aston Martin 11.9 HP

This double sports car was designed by Bert Bertelli, making it the classic representative of the English sports car 20-30s. It was produced for 10 years and is better known under the brand name International. The English magazine “Autocar” wrote in those years: “This is an excellent car! Not only because it is a great pleasure to drive, but also because it has a high quality and nice finish. ”
The car was a 1.5-liter overhead valve engine, which since 1928 was produced with a dry sump, like a racing car. Since 1931, the car took part in the 24-hour races at Le Mans. Bertelli in 1932 built a special version of “Le Mans”. At the same time, the model was equipped with a new gearbox, the worm gear was replaced by a conical hypoid gearbox. Two years later, this modification, from increased to 85 hp engine power, received the designation “Mk-I” and was produced until 1939.

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