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Aston Martin DB-4 GT/GTZ

“Aston Martin" of the new generation appeared at the end of 1958. It was a model “DB-4" with inline 6-cylinder engine with two upper camshafts with a displacement of 3669 cm3. The base was a welded steel plate platform with spar reinforcements. The front wheels were suspended on wishbones and springs, while the rear axle was supported by longitudinal and short wishbones with springs. The body of the new form was developed by the Milan company Touring. He was a member of the superlight superleggera category. The car began to produce at the newly opened company in Newport, in the county of Buckingham Shire.
In the years 1959-1963, a sports version of the “DB-4GT” was assembled with two Weber carburetors, dual ignition and a short wheelbase. Only 75 copies were made. At the same time, another sporty variant “DB-4GTZ” was produced with a 300 hp engine, with a more streamlined Zagato body, specially designed to participate in competitions. Its maximum speed was 250 km / h. The lightest and fastest model of the fourth GTZ series was made in 19 copies. In total, 1185 cars of the “DB-4” family were produced.

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