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Aston Martin Vantage '1980s.

Sport coupe Vantage today has reached a very solid age. The name has been preserved since Aston Martin withdrew from the group of David Brown. At the heart of Vantage is the latest development of the “DB” series. The main execution was the model “V8", representing modern classic English sports cars of the highest class.
The eight-cylinder engine is equipped with four overhead camshafts and is optimal in power to the weight of the car. The most powerful in the mid-80s was the 390-strong modification. She had almost perfect weight distribution along the axes: on the front axle - 51%, on the rear axle - 49%. The car had excellent directional stability, although its suspension is considered to be classic: on the front double wishbone with springs and anti-roll bars, in the rear - like De Dion with longitudinal push rods and springs. Effective braking provided ventilated disc brakes. Wide-profile tires in size 275 / 45-15 contributed to high comfort and good grip on the road, which was absolutely necessary for a car that reaches a speed of up to 273 km / h. Despite widespread use in the construction of light alloys, the car weighed 1815 kg.

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