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Aston Martin DB-7

Aston Martin DB-7, which appeared in 1993, continues the series of high-end sports cars “DB”, the production of which was interrupted 20 years ago. At the same time, “DB-7” personifies the rebirth of the company under the auspices of the Ford concern. The model is assembled by hand in the small enterprise “Aston Martin” in Oxfordshire County, which is led by a talented specialist That Walkinshaw.
In contrast to the cars produced by this company, the “Seven” looks very elegant and modern, and at a cost slightly lower than its relatives, which means it is more accessible to customers. She has an aerodynamic coupe body made of composite materials with the number of seats 2 + 2. Front-mounted inline 6-cylinder 3.2-liter Jaguar engine producing 335 hp. with electronic injection and Eaton volumetric supercharger. Along with the usual gearbox is offered and automatic. There are power steering and ABS. The interior design is made in the spirit of the English automotive classicism: leather trim, lacquered wood panels, devices with round dials. Since 1996, the car has also been offered with the Volant cabriolet, which has become one of the most popular cars of this class in England.

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