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ATALANTA, Staines, United Kingdom, 1937-1959

English sports cars Atalanta in appearance and basic parameters are often compared with the prestigious Lagonda cars. One of the few design features of the Atalanta that distinguishes it from the Lagonda is the independent suspension of all wheels.
Atalanta cars were produced for more than 20 years, but the most famous cars were produced during the first two years of the company. On lightweight models were 4-cylinder engines of 1.5-2 liters, designed by Albert Gough. They had one upper camshaft, three valves per cylinder and a Arnott volumetric compressor, which provided 78-98 hp of power. But the most remarkable is a car with a V12 engine from a 4.4-liter Lincoln Zephir car, which developed a little more power than the 2-liter version.
Atalanta cars were offered primarily in open sports versions, but were also produced as two-door sedans and coupes. Thanks to Madge Wilby racer, they participated in many sports competitions of the late 30s.
Post-war cars of this brand are less known. The firm was owned by Richard Gaylard Shattock. The company changed its name to RGS Atalanta. At first, new cars were equipped with light marine engines, then motors were used.
firms Lea- Francis, Ford, but ultimately settled on Jaguar. Cars were delivered to customers both assembled with their own plastic body, and in the form of a set of parts for self-assembly. The most famous of the post-war series was Atalanta with the engine from Jaguar-S, but it was also produced in small quantities as a set of parts.

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