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ATS, Bologna, Italy, 1962-1969

This company was founded in 1962 by Count Giovanni Volpi di Misurata de Serenissima in collaboration
with Giorgio Billi and Jaime Patino Ortiz. The name of the company is the abbreviation of the full name Automobili Turismo Sport.
At first, all three founders of the new company were fascinated by the creation of a Formula 1 racing car. For this, they turned to Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini auto designers for help. In 1963, by joint efforts, they built a racing car with an engine of 1494 cm3 and a capacity of 190 hp. at 10,500 rpm Well-known racers Phil Hill and Giancarlo Baghetti performed there, but they were never able to achieve any major success. Disillusioned with the unsuccessful start of ATS, its main mastermind Count Volpi left the company.
After that, the company shifted to the production of sports cars. In 1963, two sports coupes “ATS 2500GT” and “ATS 2500GTS” were created with a 248 hp overhead valve V8 engine. It was powered by conventional carburetors or a Lucas direct injection system. These models were produced only one year, because participation in the prestigious race "Targa Florio" did not bring them any success.
All in the same rich in events in 1963, the count returned to the company and assigned the name of his ancient family Serenissima to these cars. The machines installed an updated engine with two camshafts on each cylinder block. Soon they refused from further modernization and switched to the creation of a sports prototype with a 350 hp motor. So in constant search the company lasted until 1969, after which it ceased its activities.

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