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Audi C Alpensieger

The persistence with which August Horch exhibited his cars for various competitions was rewarded only in 1911, when his “Audi-B" with an engine capacity of 2.6 liters in the race for the Alps Cup in Austria went the whole distance without penalty points.
Taking into account all the shortcomings of the “B” series in 1913, a new model “Audi-C" was developed, equipped with a 4-cylinder 3.5-liter engine, in which the crankshaft rotated on three supports and was slightly shifted sideways from the axes of the cylinders. a cone clutch had a leather friction surface.
The wooden body on the chassis with a base of 2900 or 3200 mm was open with an elongated and pointed rear part, which, according to its creators, provided better streamlining and gave a rapid appearance. In the years 1912-1914, this car has achieved significant success in competitions at the Alpine Cup. Therefore, it is known as Alpensieger.

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