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Audi Front

The front-wheel-drive “Audi Front” became the “collective product” of all the firms belonging to the “Auto Union” concern: the idea of front-wheel drive for mass cars belonged to the founder of the DKV Rasmussen, its 6-cylinder engine was developed on the “Wanderer” and was produced on the “Horch”, and the finished car wore the brand “Audi.” Despite the difficulties of mastering the new design, the car worked well and was produced until 1938.
The front suspension was on the transverse arms and the transverse spring, and in many respects resembled the design of the Alvis. Unlike most front-drive compact cars, the “Front” belonged to the middle class. The vehicles were supplied with various multi-bed bodies and developed a speed of over 105 km / h. In 1937, at the Berlin Motor Show, the elegant triple sports version “Front” was presented.

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