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Audi Quattro

The initiator of the production of all-wheel drive passenger cars “Audi” was the engineer Ferdinand Piech, who considered this process as natural as the transition from installing the brakes only on the rear wheels to the brakes on all wheels. The emergence of massive all-wheel drive "Audi" is considered a revolutionary stage in the development of the automotive industry.
The basis for all-wheel drive versions were standard cars with front drive wheels. In the block with the gearbox, there was a transfer case with a differential distributing the torque almost equally on both axes. In the same place at first there was a mechanism to enable or disable the rear-wheel drive.
The first all-wheel drive “Audi” were designed primarily for sports competitions, where you could check the reliability of new designs. They were powered by powerful 5-cylinder turbocharged engines.
Under the influence of all-wheel drive "Audi" was laid a new direction in the creation of mass-produced cars for sports and for normal operation.

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