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Audi А3

The compact two-volume three-door model “A3", which appeared in 1996, clearly stands out from the usual series of automobiles “Audi” with its fresh design, indicating the company's claims to a small class in which it almost did not perform before. The “A3” offers 5 engine options , several types of kits and finishes.The base is a transversely all-aluminum 1.6-liter engine with a power of 101 hp Engines in 1718 cm3 have 5 cylinders and 20 valves, develop 125 hp, and with turbocharging - 150 hp Buyer can also choose one of Vuh diesel engines working volume of 1.9 liter capacity of 90 or 110 hp Chassis "A3" is no different from the Volkswagen Golf IV generation that provides full harmonization within the VAG group.

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