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Austro-Daimler Prince Henry

Since 1910, Austro-Daimler has consistently participated in long-distance runs for the Prussian Prince Henry prize. Technical requirements for the participants entailed the creation of sufficiently sophisticated cars with low aerodynamic bodies. For a new car, F. Porsche chose an aviation 4-cylinder engine with steel cylinders and pistons. The top flaps stood at 45 ° to each other. The body, manufactured by Neumann-Neander, had smooth contours and a rounded radiator.
These cars took at once three prizes in run of 1910. Ferdinand Porsche himself was driving the winning car. During the competition, they won in 9 of the 12 intermediate stages.
Only 200 Prince Henry cars were manufactured. Most of them went to England and America. In 1911, their outdated chain drive was replaced with a cardan. The development of this model was the car 30/60 HP with an engine of 6967 cm3 and more comfortable body, which developed a speed of 100 km / h.

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