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Autobianchi A112

The short two-volume “A-112" should be regarded as the predecessor of the subcompact Fiat-127, which appeared a little later and had many common aggregates with the “A-112". Autobianchi was introduced in November 1969 at the Turin Motor Show with an engine of 903 cm3 and 44 hp power. For two years she was offered in a single performance. Only in 1971, the Elegant version appeared with the same engine, but modernized by Abarth and having a power of 58 hp. At the same time, the launch of the “A-112 Abarth” car with an engine of 1050 cm3 and a power of 70 hp began.
Despite the strong competition in the small class, “A-112” quickly won its customers, especially young ones. By the end of 1976, half a million cars of this series were produced. In the following years, A-112 underwent numerous cosmetic surgeries. It was produced with a version in a three-volume body, in a special youth version Junior, in a more comfortable Elegant with electronic ignition (1979) and with an improved trim “LX”.
Sports career "A-112" was quite intense. Special variants with a 70 hp engine, prepared on “Abarth” and dubbed Championat, repeatedly participated and won in major international rallies. A-112 laid the technical and design base for subsequent models of Autobianchi-Y and modern Lancia Ypsilon.

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