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BARRE, Niort, France, 1900-1930

Since 1900, BARRE from the provincial town of Niort has been manufacturing light vehicles with De Dion-Bouton engines.
In 1908, she expanded her program. It included a model with a 4-cylinder Ballot engine, which had some success. However, by 1920, only the model with the Italian SCAP engine with a displacement of 1,614 cm3 remained in production. Soon, two new cars appeared, equipped with SCAP engines with a displacement of 1,100 and 1,704 cm3 and front brakes.
In 1923, the company, changing its name to Barre & Lamberthon, released a lightweight car with a 30-horsepower engine that looked like a Citroen. But a small BARRE was unable to render a serious competition to the products of the successful Andre Citroen. Her cars were sold only in the province of De Savre, where she was located. In 1930, the company ceased to exist.

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