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BEARDMORE, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1920-1928

In 1920, the Scottish company BEARDMORE began to produce cars models “10HP” and “15HP” with engines of a displacement of 1,486 and 2,413 cm3, which were most often used as taxis. The most interesting from a technical point of view was the car “11 HP”, or Eleven with a motor with a displacement of 1,670 cm3 and overhead camshaft, which appeared in 1921. At its base, the company released the sports version “12 / ZONR” with an aluminum open double body and wheels, with a 2-liter engine, which could reach a maximum speed of 113 km / h. “12 / ZONR” repeatedly participated in competitions and in 1925 in the ring race in Wells showed the best lap time.
In 1924, on the “16HR” model, the former upper valve engine was replaced by a lower valve. Despite the fact that in 1928 the company stopped producing cars, until the beginning of the 60s, the former BEARDMORE factories produced lots of roomy taxis with interior separated from the driver’s seat. These cars worked in many major cities in Scotland.

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