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BELLANGER, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 1912-1923

The French enterprise “BELLANGER” began production of passenger cars in 1912. They were equipped with the English 4-cylinder valveless “Daimler” engines with a displacement of 2 to 6.3 liters. Cars featured an oval chrome grille, resembling a forehead.
Immediately after the war, “BELLANGER” launched production of a whole range of cars with American “Briscoe" engines with side valves: two 4-cylinder volumes of 3181 cm3 (“BELLANGER-A” / “17CV”) and 4253 cm3, as well as V8 of 6362 cm3 (“50CV"). Unable to withstand the competition, the company in 1923 ceased production. After 4 years, her company switched to “Peugeot”, and the firm “De Dion” adopted the form of “bellanger’s” radiators.

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