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BENJAMIN, Onier, France, 1921-1929

Automotive production at BENJAMIN began in 1921 with light “winches” with a 751 cm3 4-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft and a rare differential for cars of this class in the main transmission of the rear axle. In 1924, the models “12 CV” and “18 CV” with two-stroke engines appeared.
In subsequent years, “BENJAMIN” used a variety of motors, but most often the French “Ruby” and “Chapius-Dornier” with a working volume of 1100 cm3. In the years 1927-1928 they were put on the model “7/22 CV”, nicknamed “Benova”. The top of the creativity of the company “BENJAMIN” was a machine with a compact Italian 8-cylinder SCAP engine with a displacement of 1500 cm3. It is fully consistent with the then trend in the automotive industry to reduce the volume and size of engines. But this did not save the small company “BENJAMIN”, and the economic crisis ruined it completely.

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