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Bentley Continental

One of the most famous * Bentley passenger cars was the Continental R of 1952. The model was slightly different from the Rolls-Royce products due to the specific two-door coupe body that was not used on the Rolls-Royce. The “R” series also included sedans and various sporting options. However, the coupe was unconditionally recognized as the hallmark of the series. The spectacular two-door body with an elongated shape with smooth outlines was made of aluminum alloys.
The “Rolls-Royce Silver Rate” with a 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 4556 cm3 and an automatic gearbox served as a chassis, but the Bentley used a conventional mechanical gearbox. In 1955, a new engine with a working volume of 4887 cm3 was installed on the car and began to produce it under the “S” code, including the Continental-S coupe. The name “Continental” for Bentley cars with a coupe body has been preserved to this day.

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