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Bentley Azure

“Bentley Azure” is a fairly rare type of car of the highest class with an open body. This two-door 4-seater convertible was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1995. It is a development of the prestigious “Continental” series and therefore has a different name - “Continental R Convertible.” As with the basic version, the Azure is equipped with the standard for Rolls-Royce and Bentley V-shaped 8-cylinder 6, An 8-liter engine, developing in a turbocharged version with 389 hp, the American automatic transmission “Turbo-Hydra-Matic” and an electronic suspension stiffness change system. Compared with the coupe, the side walls of the body, doors and windshield frame are reinforced. The retractable top is driven by an electric motor, a button on the instrument panel. The high level of comfort is evidenced by the electronic memory unit for the positions of the seats, rear-view mirrors and the steering wheel (for three different drivers), automatic movement of the front seats for more convenient access to the rear seats, and an audio system with 6 compact discs with ten speakers. With a base of 3016 mm, the length of the machine is 5342 mm. With its own weight of more than 2.6 tons, the convertible reaches a maximum speed of 240 km / h and accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 6.6 s. The cost of the convertible “Bentley Azure” as standard is about 320 thousand dollars.

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