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Blitzen Benz

This is one of the most famous speed cars of all time. A huge 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 21.5 liters was installed on it. It was developed by Hans Nibel based on a 15-liter racing engine from a car that took part in the 1908 Grand Prize competitions. The lateral camshaft through a complex system of pushers led valves of the upper location. and the dimensions of the exhaust pipes were so large that you could stick your hand inside. Food was carried out by one carburetor.
All the capabilities of the 200-horsepower “Benz” were revealed during the record races of 1909-1911, when the absolute speed record was raised to 228.1 km / h. In 1913, Benz tried to use its design to create mass-produced cars with a less powerful engine, but the war prevented the completion of the case. Nevertheless, the German generals received several 200-horsepower “Benz.” It is known that Marshal Hindenburg used one of them.

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