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BUGATTI & GULINELLI, Ferrara, Italy, 1901-1903

The legendary Ettore Bugatti began his career in his homeland with work at Prinetti e Stucchi. In 1901, with the financial support of Prince Gulinelli, he opened a small workshop for the production of sports cars. In the same year, at the Milan Motor Show Ettore showed a 4-cylinder “BUGATTI-GULINELLI” with an engine of 3054 cm3, which developed a speed of 65 km / h. Competitions were timed to the salon "for cars built entirely in Italy, which can not only be displayed at exhibitions, but really prove their simplicity and speed, good functioning and excellent execution of advanced ideas." The Bugatti model received the Big Honorary Prize of the city of Milan, but then the company was able to make only a few copies of this car and closed in 1903, and the Ettore Bugatti continued its activities.

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