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BAYLISS-THOMAS, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1922-1929

Like most other companies, BAYLISS-THOMAS started with the production of bicycles. Having become quite famous in this area, in 1921 she decided to start producing cars "with an attractive appearance and caring finish." In fact, the first cars externally did not stand out. They had wooden spoke wheels and 10-horsepower Simplex Coventry engines. However, the cars turned out to be quite hardy, which allowed the BAYLISS-THOMAS-10 / 20HP model to win a gold medal in the 1922 London-Edinburgh race.
In 1923, the program expanded with the new “9/19 HP Popular” model with a 4-cylinder 1074 cm3 Meadows overhead valve engine, which received two gold medals in 1924 for winning victories in runs. Then two more cars appeared - "12/22 HP" and "13/30 HP" with 4-cylinder engines with a working volume of 1640 and 1795 cm3.
In subsequent years, the 10 / 20HP model was replaced by the 11 / 22HP with a 1.4-liter engine. She became known under the designation "F". The range includes several double sports options. In the late 20s, the company stopped automobile production.

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