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Luxury compact 3-door hatchback segment Premium B, modernized platform 1P Plus. Premiere - IAA'2009, production - in February 2010. Dimensions: 3095h1710h1460 mm. Wheelbase: 2540 mm. Amount of luggage - from 285 liters. Front Suspension - Front McPherson, rear - Semi-torsion. Engines: petrol with 1.4 liter VTi R4 16V (95 hp, 136 Nm), 1.6 liter 120hp R416V in iterations and 160 Nm, or 150hp, 240 Nm (turbo), turbo diesel CR-injected 1.6-liter R4 16V 90hp in iterations, 215 Nm or 110 hp, 240 Nm. Transmission: 5 - or 6-speed manual gearbox, optional - 4-speed automatic transmission. Equipment: ABS, ESP, six PB, electric power steering with variable displacement, immobilizer, central locking and remote control, smart key, parking sensors, separate climate control. Optional - audio class Hi-Fi, a panoramic glass roof, navigation, full power, leather interior. Production - France (Onle).

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