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New in 2011. The family of compact van segment C Plus, platform 2P Plus. Bearing body, transverse-engine, front-drive, five or seven (Grand C4 Picasso) seats. Production - from May 2007, Grand C4 Picasso - from January 2007, restyling, upgrading - in October 2010. Dimensions: C4 Picasso - 4470h1830h1680 mm, Grand C4 Picasso - 4590h1830h1660 mm. Wheelbase: 2728 mm. Luggage compartment volume: C4 Picasso - from 500 to 1734 liters, Grand C4 Picasso - from 576 to 1951 liters. Petrol engines: 1.6 liter R4 16V VTi (120 hp, 160 Nm, including Russia) or turbocharged (150 hp, 240 Nm). C CR turbo diesel injection 1.6-liter R4 16V (110 hp, 240 Nm) or 2.0-liter R4 16V in iterations 136 hp, 320 Nm or 150 hp, 340 Nm. Transmission: 5-speed manual gearbox or 6-speed automatic transmission. Equipment: ABS, ESP, up to eight PB, audio system with MP3, 4-zone climate control. Optional - pneumatic rear suspension, parking sensors, glass roof and navigation. Production - Spain (Madrid), CKD-assembly - China (Wuhan, PSA-DongFeng).

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