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Opel Blitz 2,5-32 - 3D Model

39.00 €

3D-model (Select the desired file format):
.3dm - Rhinoceros 3D
.3ds - 3D Studio Scene
.asc - 3D Studio
.c4d - Cinema 4D
.dff - RenderWare Model File
.dwg - AutoCAD Drawing Database File
.dxf - AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format
.fbx - Autodesk FBX Interchange File
.hfss - Ansoft HFSS
.hsf - HOOPS Stream Format (+ 15.60 €)
.igs - Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
.ipt - Autodesk Inventor (+ 15.60 €)
.iv - Open Inventor Scene Graph File (+ 15.60 €)
.lwo - LightWave 3D Object File
.lws - LightWave 3D Scene File
.ma - Maya Project File
.max - 3D Studio Max Model File
.neu - Pro/ENGINEER Neutral File
.obj - 3D Object File
.off - Object File Format
.ply - Polygon Model File
.sia - Silo model
.skl - Maya Skeleton File
.skp - SketchUp Document
.stl - STereoLithography
.u3d - Universal 3D File
.wrl - VRML Worlds
.z3d - ZModeler

This 3d model can be used to visualize any additional projects, creating games, presentations, etc..

Opel Blitz 2,5-32 - 3D Model Customer reviews:

Customer reviews: 1, Evaluation: 5.00


Evaluation: 5 5 of 5 stars!

A good 3d model.


Adam Opel AG, GM Corp

Adam Opel AG, GM Corp
Banhofplatz 1, D-65428, Ruesselsheim, Germany

One of Europe's oldest car manufacturers - concern Adam Opel AG - was founded by Adam Opel in 1862 and initially specialized in the production of sewing machines. In 1887, the company began producing bicycles, and in 1897 the sons of Adam, Frederick and William, purchased from Friedrich Leopold Luttsmana factory cars in Rüsselsheim. The first car of the new company Lutzman Opel was built in 1899, in 1902, began production of cars of its own design Opel 10/12, and just in zdnee - the Opel 4/8 PS (Doctorwagen). After the First World War, the company Adam Opel AG first of the German company developed the assembly line production of cars, starting assembly of the popular at the time of the Opel 4/12 (Laubfrosch). Since 1929, Adam Opel AG is part of the group General Motors. In 2009, after the bankruptcy of the American giant was originally agreed to sell Opel branch of the Canadian-Russian consortium Magna-Sberbank, but at the last moment, GM refused to deal, maintaining status quo and full control of Opel. Manufacturing facilities are located in Germany, Opel (plants in Rüsselsheim, Bochum and Eisenach), Spain (Zaragoza), Poland (Gliwice) and the UK (Vauxhall plants in Luton and Ellesmere Port), and the factory in Belgium ceased production in May 2010. Part of Opel models for the Russian market (Meriva, Astra Family, Zafira and Insignia) collects Kaliningrad factory "Avtotor". On Russia's new GM plant in St. Petersburg (Shushary) now collect crossover Opel Antara and Opel Astra J.