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Conditions of Use

The contract-offer.

The following is the terms of the agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") between the Internet resource Model COPY.INFO (hereinafter "IR") located at the web address http://model-copy.info and the visitor have no check on the IRA (hereinafter "User") or a user - registered on the IR (hereinafter "User") of the right use of informational materials contained on this IR. The user agrees to the terms and conditions in this Agreement, with respect to the services and information provided through the Website. This Agreement constitutes a contract between IR and User, and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreements, contracts and guarantees, and stipulates everything that concerns the services and information provided by IR. A user agrees to read and acknowledge this Agreement before any actions and manipulations performed on the IR. If the User does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, the User should close all the pages of this IR without any further action and manipulation on the IR.

Support IRA, handling contracts and messages from 10.00 to 16.00 Moscow time, Monday to Friday basis. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (according to the Russian calendar) - closed.

The administration of IR reserves the exclusive right to edit, delete or add on IR of any information provided, including the provision of any services. IL may modify this Agreement, the cost of the services without notice to User. Administration of IL may stop functioning or modify any or all sections of IR, in its sole discretion and without prior notice.

IR reserves the right in its sole discretion, to terminate the provision of services, and to regulate access to any services without notice.

The main provisions of the

This IR is not commercial and does not commercial activity. The use of this IR is only possible with the permission of the administrator of the IRA. If the User is interested to receive any file mentioned on this IR, we can provide such a file (files) using the Grant (Grant - funds transferred gratuitously by the grantor (Foundation, Corporation, government institution or individual), a nonprofit organization, or private individual to perform a specific job). In this case, the User is the Grantor, IL — Grantopoluchateli, and this Agreement is used as the Grant Agreement and shall enter into force from the moment of transfer of Grant funds to the account of IR. In this case, each contract privaatse identification number in automatic mode, the room User can know from the letter adobeonline, either by logging in to your personal account on IR by using a username and password.
The user independently selects the required files and formats data files, while the cost of the Grant is determined on the website in an automatic manner.
After the User has selected all the necessary files it needs to choose the method of payment for the transfer of the Grant. We can only use the payment methods specified on the website.
Work on the Grant begins with the receipt of remuneration on the Grant at the expense of the ER and is not less than three working days. In some cases, due to the complexity of the work time can be increased. Clarification of the timing of works carries out a User by support IL on the appropriate page available on the website of IR.
Upon completion of the works Grant IR sends the report as a file of the appropriate format specified by the User on the User-specified e-mail. After this agreement is completed.

Force majeure
None of the Parties to this Agreement shall not be liable to the other Party for failure to perform obligations caused by circumstances beyond the will and desire of the Parties that cannot be foreseen or avoided, including: earthquake, fire, flood, hostilities of any nature, mass civil unrest, terrorist acts, as well as any other acts/actions of state authorities, taking place after the Treaty has entered into force and independent of the will of the Parties, preventing the performance by the Parties of their obligations.
If any of these circumstances directly affect the fulfillment of obligations within the period prescribed in this Agreement, this period shall be proportionally extended for the existing circumstances.
The party which has created the impossibility of performance of the obligation, is obliged within five days from the moment of occurrence of such circumstances notify the other Party in writing (including Telegraph, Fax, other means of communication) of the occurrence, expected duration and termination of the above circumstances.
The facts stated in the notice, to be confirmed by the competent authorities within a reasonable time.

Dispute resolution
All disputes or differences arising between the Parties hereunder or in connection herewith shall be settled through negotiations between the Parties. The term for consideration of claims of the parties, received a claim 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of a written complaint from the other Party.
In case of impossibility to resolve disputes by means of negotiations they shall be settled in the Arbitration court at the location of the claimant in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
By consideration of disputes in court, the wording of the conditions and guarantees for the Russian language is a priority.

Contract this edition takes effect from 01.06.2016 G.